Sweat Out; Happiness In!

--- Jason and Lauren Pak ---

Fitness doesn't have to be so elitist and exclusive! We're Jason and Lauren Pak, and together we co-own Achieve Fitness - a fitness facility just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA. What we've found over the last 13 years as fitness professionals is that people will stick to their fitness journeys way better if they actually feel like **they belong**. So, instead of showing off, or body shaming, or preying on insecurities, the way the fitness industry tends to do, we're going to dive deep into topics in a way that makes you feel like you belong - because you do! We believe that fitness is for anybody, everybody, and every body!

Brought to you by Jason and Lauren Pak of Sweat Out; Happiness In!

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep.15: Our Favorite Small Biz Apps, Strength Training for Runners and Breakdancers, and "Giving It All Away" on Instagram!

    What's up, Achievers?! We're back with episode 15 and it is packed with a lot of answers to your awesome questions! In the first one, we delve into our favorite small business apps. We also go over training recommendations for runners as well as breakdancers. Lastly, we discuss "giving away ...


  2. Ep.14: The Best Training Shoes, How to Work Around a Shoulder Injury, and How to Optimize Your Time in the Gym!

    In this episode, we cover the best shoes to train in. We cover brands like Strike Movement, Pedestal Footwear, Converse, and Vivo Barefoot and explain why we prefer a more minimalist shoe. We also discuss how to work around a shoulder injury at the gym as well as how to ...


  3. Ep.13: Opening a Fitness Studio and Social Media in the Fitness Industry!

    In this episode, we discuss two key concepts you need to think about before opening a fitness facility/yoga studio/etc. We also cover two different questions pertaining to social media and how fitness coaches should be using the platform! We hope you enjoy the show, and until next time, Peace, Love, ...


  4. Ep.12: Anterior Knee Pain, The Best Supplements for Performance, and Cracking/Clicking Joints While Lifting!

    In this episode, we cover what to do when you're experiencing anterior knee pain. We also discuss the best supplements to take for performance and recovery. We also cover our recommendations for cracking/clicking/"rice crispies" joints. If this episode was helpful for you at all, we'd really appreciate a review on ...


  5. Ep.11: Getting Back on Track After the Holidays, Cardio Training, Convincing People of the Value of Your Gym, and Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Gym!

    In this episode we cover four questions! In the first one, we talk about specific strategies to use to get back on track after the holidays. We also discuss what we do for aerobic and cardiovascular training for our members. We also answer how to convince people the value of ...