Sweat Out; Happiness In!

--- Jason and Lauren Pak ---

Fitness doesn't have to be so elitist and exclusive! We're Jason and Lauren Pak, and together we co-own Achieve Fitness - a fitness facility just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA. What we've found over the last 13 years as fitness professionals is that people will stick to their fitness journeys way better if they actually feel like **they belong**. So, instead of showing off, or body shaming, or preying on insecurities, the way the fitness industry tends to do, we're going to dive deep into topics in a way that makes you feel like you belong - because you do! We believe that fitness is for anybody, everybody, and every body!

Brought to you by Jason and Lauren Pak of Sweat Out; Happiness In!

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep.5: How Weight Loss Impacts Your Metabolism, How to Train Your Calves, and Grand Opening Strategies for Gym Owners

    In this episode, Jason and Lauren discuss how weight loss impacts your metabolism as well as thoughts on how to manage this situation. They also cover how to optimally train your calves in the most balanced way possible. Finally, they cover the same strategies to sell memberships they used when ...


  2. Ep.4: Lower Back Pain During Exercises, Group Exercise Class Recommendations, and How We Started a Successful Business at a Young Age

    In this episode of Achieving Fitness, Lauren and Jason discuss some training and business questions. They answer how to go about addressing lower back pain during exercises like squats and overhead pressing. They also cover exactly how to know when one should go up in weight on an exercise while ...


  3. Ep.3: Training Around Bilateral Knee Pain, Workout Considerations During Pregnancy, and Recovery for Optimal Performance

    In the third episode of Achieving Fitness, Jason and Lauren take a deep dive into how to train around knee pain, specific workout considerations during each trimester of a pregnancy, and guidelines for active recovery workouts! ...


  4. Ep.2: Difference Between Soreness and Pain, Hamstring Cramping, and Transitioning to be a Fitness Coach

    In the second episode of Achieving Fitness, Jason and Lauren discuss three key factors that distinguish the difference between pain and soreness, the main cause for hamstring cramping during exercises like glute bridges, and how to transition careers to become a personal trainer/fitness coach! ...


  5. Ep.1: Fitness Misconceptions, Intermittent Fasting, and Making Your Passion Your Work

    In the first episode of Achieving Fitness, Jason and Lauren discuss why they started the podcast in the first place. They also answer three different types of questions: fitness, nutrition, and business! ...