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Fitness doesn't have to be so elitist and exclusive! We're Jason and Lauren Pak, and together we co-own Achieve Fitness - a fitness facility just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA. What we've found over ...more

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January 23, 2019 00:20:11
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#AskAchieve 104: How to Correct Your Chest Dumping Forward During Squats, Why Your Quad is Cramping During L-Sits, and Getting Around Shoulder Pain During a Bench Press!

What's up, Achievers?! A super practical episode for you all today that we think will help a lot of you out! In the first...



January 21, 2019 00:21:31
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#AskAchieve 103: Difference Between Forward and Reverse Lunges, Spine Position for Squats, Knee-Friendly Cardio Options, and Pronation During Lower Body Exercises!

What's up, Achievers?! A super practical episode for you all today that has more tangible advice. In the first question, we talked about the...



January 18, 2019 00:31:41
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The AchieveMentors Podcast Ep.2: What We Would've Done Differently Early on in Our Careers, Becoming a Mobile PT, and Some Gym Owner Advice!

What's up, Achievers?! Just a reminder that AchieveMentors is a podcast specifically for fitness professionals and aspiring personal trainers! This was a fun one!...



January 17, 2019 00:27:58
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#AskAchieve 102: How to Train with Osteoporosis, How to Get into a Proper Deadlift Stance, and Bracing/Breathing During Squats and Deadlifts!

What's up, Achievers?! Episode 102! In question one, we tackle how to train with osteoporosis (1:08). Next, we talk about how to get into...



January 14, 2019 00:35:44
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#AskAchieve 101: How to Put Together a Strength Training Program!

What's up, Achievers?! We've got a very specific topic for today's episode and it's all about how to create and put together your own...



January 12, 2019 00:27:36
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The AchieveMentors Podcast Ep. 1: Our New Show for Fitness Professionals and Aspiring Personal Trainers!

What's up, Achievers! We decided to make a separate show dedicated to specifically those who are personal trainers, fitness coaches, and aspiring fitness professionals....

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