Sweat Out; Happiness In!

--- Jason and Lauren Pak ---

Fitness doesn't have to be so elitist and exclusive! We're Jason and Lauren Pak, and together we co-own Achieve Fitness - a fitness facility just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA. What we've found over the last 13 years as fitness professionals is that people will stick to their fitness journeys way better if they actually feel like **they belong**. So, instead of showing off, or body shaming, or preying on insecurities, the way the fitness industry tends to do, we're going to dive deep into topics in a way that makes you feel like you belong - because you do! We believe that fitness is for anybody, everybody, and every body!

Brought to you by Jason and Lauren Pak of Sweat Out; Happiness In!

Latest Episodes…

  1. #AskAchieve 45: The Best Plan for a Beginner Lifter, Single Leg Training, and How to Stay Motivated for your Workouts When You're Really Busy as a Trainer!

    What's up, Achievers?! We received some awesome questions today that should last us through next week, so if we didn't answer yours today look out for it in the next couple episodes! We first talk about whether or not to do total body workouts or body part split workouts (5:57). We then ...


  2. #AskAchieve 44: How to Address Overall Tightness, What to do for Muscle Imbalances, and How to Tell if You're Overtraining!

    What's up, Achievers?! Another fun episode for you all! In the first question, we discuss how to address if you or you're client has a lot of tightness overall in their hamstrings, upper traps, pecs, etc. We reference the book "Original Strength" by Tim Anderson that serves as the basis for ...


  3. #AskAchieve 43: Shoulder Pain During Push Ups and Yoga, Breathing During HIIT, Core Recommendations for a Football Player!

    What's up, Achievers?! Quick episode for you all today after the longer one we had on Monday! We hope you enjoy the show! The first question we answer is from a yogi who asked about shoulder pain during certain yoga poses like sun salutations as well as push ups (1:55). We also ...


  4. #AskAchieve 42: How to Put Together a 20 Minute Workout Routine, Advanced Breathing Techniques, and HIIT Training!

    What's up, Achievers?! This episode is jam-packed full of information! Lauren and I first delve into how to put together an efficient and effective workout routine using kettlebells and dumbbells if you only have 20 minutes to train (4:15). We also cover the different types of breathing techiques and strategies that you'll ...


  5. #AskAchieve 41: How to Build Quad/Hamstring Strength While Having Lower Back Pain, Spot Reducing Fat, and Our Advice for a Gym Owner Couple!

    What's up, Achievers?! This is one of our best episodes to date - I think we're finally getting a hang of this podcast thing! Only took us 41 episodes... Anyways, we start off by addressing negative comments and how to deal with the "haters" on your fitness journey. We've had our ...