Sweat Out; Happiness In!

--- Jason and Lauren Pak ---

Fitness doesn't have to be so elitist and exclusive! We're Jason and Lauren Pak, and together we co-own Achieve Fitness - a fitness facility just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA. What we've found over the last 13 years as fitness professionals is that people will stick to their fitness journeys way better if they actually feel like **they belong**. So, instead of showing off, or body shaming, or preying on insecurities, the way the fitness industry tends to do, we're going to dive deep into topics in a way that makes you feel like you belong - because you do! We believe that fitness is for anybody, everybody, and every body!

Brought to you by Jason and Lauren Pak of Sweat Out; Happiness In!

Latest Episodes…

  1. #AskAchieve 40: Working Out on an Empty Stomach, Knees Going Over Toes During a Squat, How Long a Personal Trainer Should Expect a Client to Work with Them, and a Special Workshop Announcement!

    What's up, Achievers?! Great episode for you all today and stay tuned at the end to hear about a special workshop announcement! In this episode, we cover whether or not working out on an empty stomach is a good idea (1:33). We also go over whether or not your knees can go ...


  2. #AskAchieve 39: When to Incorporate Core Training into Your Workouts, How to Deal with Negative Self-Talk, and Our Top Three Pieces of Business Advice!

    What's up, Achievers?! Super fun episode for you all today with a bunch of different topics. The first question was about when and where we incorporate our core training with our members? As a part of the warm up? At the end? Part of the cool down? (3:23). Next, we delved into ...


  3. #AskAchieve 38: Is Working Out in the Early Morning a Bad Idea, Neutral or Hollow Body for Core Training, and Dealing with Sciatica!

    What's up, Achievers?! A quicker episode for you all today on this rainy Marathon Monday in Boston. In this episode, we cover if working out in the early morning (4 or 5am) a bad idea (2:58). We also talk about the specifics of core training and the difference between maintaining a ...


  4. #AskAchieve 37: How Much Protein You Really Need, Portion Control When Going Out, Shoulder Pain, and Business Coaching!

    What's up, Achievers! Four questions today on various topics! We delve into the topic of protein and how much you actually need (1:17). We also cover some recommendations for how to approach eating out - specifically in regards to portion control at a tapas restaurant (6:16). We also talk about shoulder pain ...


  5. #AskAchieve 36: How to Put Together Supersets, Can Kettlebells Be Your Sole Training Tool, and How Long it Takes to Pass Your Personal Trainer Certification!

    What's up, Achievers?! We've a fun one for you today! We first dive into our mission that we most recently shared on Instagram, as well as our experience at a powerlifting meet with our Achieve Powerlifting team! Then we cover exactly what "supersets" are and how to utilize them appropriately (9:41)! We ...