Sweat Out; Happiness In!

--- Jason and Lauren Pak ---

Fitness doesn't have to be so elitist and exclusive! We're Jason and Lauren Pak, and together we co-own Achieve Fitness - a fitness facility just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA. What we've found over the last 13 years as fitness professionals is that people will stick to their fitness journeys way better if they actually feel like **they belong**. So, instead of showing off, or body shaming, or preying on insecurities, the way the fitness industry tends to do, we're going to dive deep into topics in a way that makes you feel like you belong - because you do! We believe that fitness is for anybody, everybody, and every body!

Brought to you by Jason and Lauren Pak of Sweat Out; Happiness In!

Latest Episodes…

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    What’s up, Achievers?! We're back with another AchieveMentors podcast - just a reminder that this is our show for fitness coaches and aspiring personal trainers. In today's episode, we expand on AchieveMentors episode 4, and we talk about how how we hire and onboard our coaching staff! We think you gym ...


  2. #AskAchieve 115: Proper Form for Back Extensions, Improving Your Push Up Strength, Preventing Shins Splints While Running, and the Difference Between Hook Grip and Mixed Grip for Deadlifts!

    What's up, Achievers?! Quick but action-packed episode for you all today! In the first question, we talk about how to optimize your form during back extensions in order to better engage the glutes (2:00). Next, we went over how to improve full range of motion push ups (4:38). Then, we delved into preventing ...


  3. #AskAchieve 114: Squatting with a Natural Back Arch, Getting Back to Olympic Lifting After Pregnancy, and Improving Your Cat/Cow!

    What's up, Achievers?! Our introduction has some references to our last podcast episode where we talk about what to do when someone offers you unsolicited advice at the gym - we couldn't think of a great answer, so we sought out your opinion, and Lauren's mom happened to write in ...


  4. #AskAchieve 113: How to Politely Shut Down Unsolicited Advice in the Gym, Back Pain During Rows, Plyometrics for Beginners, and How to Make Healthy Food Choices 100% of the Time!

    What's up, Achievers?! Hope you're all staying safe and warm if you're in the Northeast with this snowstorm! In the first question, we talk about how to politely shut down unsolicited advice from a stranger at the gym (2:40). We didn't have a definitive answer here and bring the topic back ...


  5. #AskAchieve 112: To Arch or Not to Arch During the Bench Press, Addressing Adductor Pain, The Difference Between the Leg Press and Squats, and How High Your Hips Should be During Deadlifts!

    What's up, Achievers?! This one is a rapid-fire answer show with a ton of practical advice. In the first question, we talk about whether or not you should arch during bench pressing (2:17). Then, we covered some very general strategies on how to address adductor pain. We're posting the IG post tonight ...